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The Ivy League Chronicles

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2013 Paris Book Festival Honorable Mention

2013 New York Book Festival Honorable Mention

2013 Hollywood Book Festival Honorable Mention

9 Squares
The Ivy League Chronicles - Book 1

He’d given up solving murders, but old habits—much like skeletons on a beach—don’t always stay buried.

By 1923, Scotland Yard’s legendary Richard Wikki was done chasing cold cases: he’d traded murder scenes for a classroom at Yale and peaceful house by the sea. But when an aspiring journalist brings him a mysterious amulet she snatched from a crime-scene, her scoop of a lifetime drags Wikki into a conspiracy he can’t escape.

Wikki—unwilling to turn the would-be reporter in for stealing evidence, but knowing it may be a vital clue in the case—agrees to assist her in unraveling the murder. Together they descend into a world of occult and secrecy, racing against shadowy forces who will stop at nothing to preserve the amulet’s secrets. Uncertain who to trust, their best chance of survival is to unmask the secret society whose machinations reach to the very roots of American power.

9 Squares is book one in The Ivy League Chronicles. If you love history, intrigue, and the roaring twenties, this is the book for you. Buy 9 Squares and jump into the adventure today!

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Sins of Man
The Ivy League Chronicles - Book 2

In 1924, he thought he wanted to retire, but once a detective, always a detective.


After his last taste of solving a murder, Richard Wikki wants to get back in the field. Fortunately (or unfortunately), there’s been another suspicious death, and this time, it’s one of Scott Judson’s Wolf’s Head secret society brothers at Yale University.


The police rule it accidental alcohol poisoning, but Richard’s gut tells him otherwise. When four more of Scott’s friends turn up dead at the same party, leaving only one survivor, Richard knows it’s no coincidence. There’s something suspicious going on, and he will leave no stone unturned until he uncovers the truth. 


Meanwhile, Maize has sweet-talked her way into a secret ghostwriting job on Yale’s all-male newspaper. While selling ads for the Yale Daily News, she catches the attention of Tommy Mulhaney. She doesn’t realize that her charming new nemesis is the nephew and successor to the notorious crime lord of New Haven’s Irish Mob, Seth Mulhaney.


While Maize heads deeper into unknown territory, Richard’s case takes a turn. Nothing is what it seems. 

Sins of Man is book two in The Ivy League Chronicles. If you’re ready for more of the intrigue and conspiracy from 9 squares, pick up a copy today!

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Under The Chaos Veil
The Ivy League Chronicles - Book 3
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His investigative prowess is now needed in London!


Professor Richard Wikki finds himself traveling the high seas to Highclere Castle (Downton Abbey), outside of London, England, at the request of his half-sister, Lady Helena Hollingsworth. She is being implicated in the murder of her parlor maid.


While visiting, he also decides to take a position at Oxford University teaching an investigative course titled Investigative Deduction through the Eyes of Sherlock Holmes. His students are eager to learn, particularly one familiar, and suspicious, young woman he recognizes from the five-day ship to London, the Majestic-sister ship to the Titanic.


On old rivalry at Scotland Yard hinders his progress reviewing any evidence in the murder case, but when he does finally review the evidence, an alarming amount of information is missing. Helena invites Maize to Highclere Castle, who adds her own wily undercover skills, to help Richard. Together, with his class of eager, future detectives, they discover the fundamental facts of the murder…and then can begin to solve whodunit.

Under The Chaos Veil is book three in The Ivy League Chronicles. Can Richard and Maize solve yet another murder?

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What Lies Within
The Ivy League Chronicles - Book 4

Dive into the depths of the secret order of Yale's infamous Skull & Bones!


Professor Richard Wikki is back home in New Haven, Connecticut, after his adventure in London, where he solved a murder with the help of his research assistant, Maize. After discovering a mysterious document in London and warned by men in black they would be watching, Wikki is once again thrown into the middle of the calamity of swirling intrigue.


An old friend enlists Wikki’s help in investigating Yale University’s Skull and Bones secret order and its members. But Wikki soon realizes he is the one who is being watched. He questions who is watching him and why? And what do they want from his protégé and Maize’s brother, Scott?


Scott, consumed by his new brotherhood as a member of Skull and Bones and the 322 Order, has vowed his loyalty, promising obedience and to keep their secrets hidden from outsiders. However, does this vow mean he must betray Professor Wikki, his own family, or both?


Maize delves into a mysterious world of the supernatural, trying to connect Wikki’s amulet with unexplained calamities. A series of events also has her concerned about Scott’s involvement with the Skulls. She makes the wrong people extremely nervous as she investigates the link between the amulet, the New World Order document, the Skull and Bones Secret Society, and the five hooded figures.


As Professor Wikki investigates the strange occurrences and mysterious notes hinting at imminent danger, he tries to unravel the multiple mysteries that could mean life or death to those closest to him.


What Lies Within is book 4 in The Ivy League Chronicles series. If you are ready to delve into the conspiracy and deadly secrets buried within the dark halls of prestige, buy What Lies Within today!

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Coming March 19th!
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Deer Island
The Ivy League Chronicles - Book 5

Coming Soon!

Coming in 2025!
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