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Sins of Man (Book 2): The Ivy League Chronicles Editorial Review

Paper Raven Books (2021) ISBN 978-1-7366806-2-9 Reviewed by Ashley Hooker for Reader Views (12/2021)

E.K. Prescott does not disappoint her readers with the second book in her Ivy league Chronicles series, “Sins of Man.” If anything, she has increased the level of mystery and sprinkled her story with some infatuation.

I give “Sins of Man” five stars because Prescott has put together a story line that will keep you turning pages. She knows how to execute the art of suspense in her writing. Best of all, the editing is impeccable. Her character development is fantastic. I always feel like I could sit down with Professor Wikki or Maize and have the best conversations. Her storyline is entertaining while thought-provoking.

My only recommendation for readers is to start with book one in this series. I continue to recommend this series to anyone that loves a good mystery with the flair of a speakeasy and danger of the mafia.

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